Your first appointment will be a breeze. Call our office, or we’ll call you to schedule an appointment, fill out a few forms, grab directions and relax. We want your family’s experience to be a wonderful one, starting with your child’s first visit.


Making an appointment is easy. Either call our office (510) 964-7337 or fill out the online form and we will call you. You are also welcome to stop by and see our office and make an appointment with our front desk.

Make an appointment online or give us a call. 

Fill out forms before your child's first visit. 


To get to know your child better we have a few forms we would like you to fill out prior to the appointment: Health History, Registration and Statement of Privacy Practice. Please print them out and bring the forms to the office or just fill them out at the office, but please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete registration.


Grab our address and directions from the Contact page so you can get to our office hassle free.  We have plenty of free parking available, and elevator access to our office. We are located on the second floor, just make a left once you get off the elevators and you will see our door (Suite 205A-Hercules Kids Dentistry).

Get directions to our office in Hercules, CA. 


You’ve done the hard part, and now it’s our turn. There’s no need to over prepare your child for the appointment. Just stay positive and stress free. Children can sense anxiety, so try to avoid using words like “shot,” “needle,” “drill,” and “hurt.” Just tell them they get to watch a movie, the dentist will count and clean their teeth, and after we’re done they get to choose toys, balloons and their own colored toothbrush.